Mid Coast Benchtops warrants that our benchtops will remain free from defects for a period of 5 years from the date of installation.


As our benchtops are made from natural materials they may contain fissures, inconsistencies or variations in colouring, shading and reflectivity.  Granite by its nature has minor imperfections in its structure that are not considered defects but are signs of its authenticity as a natural material. We assume no liability for these irregularities.


This warranty covers defects such as structural cracking or warping unless they are the result of any misuse such as:

rapid changes of temperature such as can result from hot pots being placed on the benchtop without an insulating medium such as a chopping board;

chipping of edges caused by impacting the benchtop with hard materials such as pots or knives;

scratching of the surface caused by cutting directly on the benchtop or dragging pots along it;

staining of the surface caused by leaving oils or colourings on the benchtop;

applying excessive force, pressure or high point loads to the benchtop;

standing on the benchtops;

subsidence of the cabinetry, flooring or foundations supporting the benchtop.


The customer  verifies that the benchtops and their installation are satisfactory and free of defects by making the final payment for the job.


The limitations on this Warranty do not exclude or limit the application of the conditions and warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act.